About Us

Our engineers used to be involved in the design and construction of many complex electromechanical devices. As an example we can mention among others an agricultural data collector system, a cash and coin modul of a ticket machine series and the cooling and optical system of an extremely high power density LED system. These projects had specific, common problems to be solved: a close cooperation of electrical, mechanical and software parts, a proper and precise sealing, and the need of being lasting and durable.

We have decided to turn our focus on the hazardous area lighting, where all of these factors play a big role.

Kermann-Ex is a manufacturer of unparalelled explosion-proof LED luminaires.

The Hungarian company with its experienced engineering team keeps designing and developing cutting-edge products for hazardous applications. Kermann-Ex’s main virtues are its highly trained development team, form-breaking solutions and extremely flexible tailor-made services and manufacturing.

But our greatest strength is: we truly care about the need of the ATEX market participants.

We never stop developing, and we have new dreams and new plans. Our engineers are working continuously on Kermann-luminaires of the future knowing, that a luminaire could be much more, than a thing that emits light. In IOT (Internet of Things) systems the luminaires can give informations among others about transport routes, thermal datas, movement of goods. These operations mean a large expenditure in the life of a company. One who looks into the future, can gain a significant competitive advantage with using right these informations.