About Us

The Kermann Ltd. was founded in 2008, as a consulting and market researcher company. In the first years we focused on the field of infocommunication. We expanded our porfolio over time with new activities and services, and also with technical and LED lighting technology developments, under the name of Kermann Technical Developer Co.Ltd. Our goal is in the professional-scientific field to research, develop and manufacture such lighting technology solutions, which can meet a wider specrum of enviromental and customer needs, whilst due to their significantly lower power consumption their can reduce the ecological footprint.

Recently a new chapter has begun in our life: our luminaires got a new, modern designed external apperience, and also an upgraded technical content, whilst the very high reliability remained unchanged. We are testing continuously new components to expand our offer, to serve the changing needs of our customers in a more professional manner. Our goal is that our new customers think about us as a supplier of complex lighting technology solutions.

We never stop developing, and we have new dreams and new plans. Our engineers are working continuously on Kermann-luminaires of the future knowing, that a luminaire could be much more, than a thing that emits light. In IOT (Internet of Things) systems the luminaires can give informations among others about transport routes, thermal datas, movement of goods. These operations mean a large expenditure in the life of a company. One who looks into the future, can gain a significant competitive advantage with using right these informations.