People often think of me, as a designer, as the one who starts to administer a finished design in order to make it really beautiful and attractive. I always have a chuckle at that and move on easily. I think quite differently.

In my opinion, this whole dialogue goes back to school education. Everyone learns something and tries to be the best in their profession. But a marketable product is not created by one person. It is a team effort. When my engineering colleagues put the first design ideas on the table and we start talking about it, it can really seem like I’m complicating things. I see it as them bringing the first obvious solution we learn to a problem that is raised.

But I was taught that the first three ideas come to everyone’s mind. Then things start to get interesting, and it is then that you get the really creative and innovative ideas that define the character of an object. These solutions can sometimes be more complex than the first obvious solution, but they can also be equivalent or even simpler. It may be more complicated to make the component, but simpler to assemble. It may also simply be a more unusual solution and form. Or it may be the reason why the product is taken off the shelf. It is this different thinking that opens the door to customers.

Even in the case of an explosion-proof lamp, this way of thinking cannot be dispensed with as there are competitors, competing products, against whom we need to prevail. It’s natural that in this environmen we have to comply with all the regulations and put a luminaire on the table that set us apart from the rest. On which we can build a brand. A luminaire that when you look at it, you know you’re holding a Kermann-EX luminaire.