You might think that the role of design in the industrial environment is negligible and it doesn’t really make sense. Of course a designer would argue with that. He does so because he knows that design is not just about something ‘nice and pretty’.

Today it is very difficult to define exactly what the word DESIGN means. The best definition so far is given by Prof. Stefán Lengyel, who said that design is about incorporating technology into our daily lives. Perhaps this formulation gives a sense of what can be put behind a simple word. It immediately makes you think, yes! Design has relevance even in the industrial environment.

The explosion-proof area has very strict regulations, and all objects designed for use in this area must comply with the regulations. When a new technology is introduced, it is particularly difficult to bring it into the old regulatory framework and make it comply with the regulations. This is the case with LED technology. The regulation is slower to follow the evolution of the technology.

This requires creativity that allows the integration of new technologies. This is where a whole team needs to bring in its expertise, skills and creativity and put them on the line to ensure that a new object is born and that it meet the requirements of the regulations, the regulatory environment and the market challenges. This level of complex thinking and design is what design means to me. It’s what allows us to deliver innovative, yet safe, lighting fixtures for the world’s energy projects.